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High Flow Industrial Psa Oxigen Generator

Short Description:

PSA Oxygen generator air separation mainly consists of two filled with molecular sieve adsorption tower, under normal temperature conditions, the compressed air through the filter, in addition to water after drying purification treatment into the adsorption tower, the nitrogen from the air in the adsorption tower, etc by molecular sieve adsorption, and make the oxygen concentration in the gas phase, from export in oxygen buffer storage tank, In the other tower has completed the adsorption of molecular sieve is rapidly depressor, resolved the adsorption of the component, the two towers alternating circulation, can be obtained purity ≥90% of cheap oxygen. The automatic valve switching of the whole system is automatically controlled by a computer.

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Application Area.

 PSA oxygen generator is favored by the majority of users because of its significant advantages. It is widely used in metallurgical combustion support, chemical industry, environmental protection, building materials, light industry, medical treatment, aquaculture, biotechnology, sewage treatment and other fields.

Technical Characteristics

Easy installation
The equipment is compact in structure, integral skid-mounted, covers a small area without capital construction investment, less investment.

High quality zeolite molecular sieve
It has large adsorption capacity, high compressive performance and long service life.

Fail-safe system
Configure system alarm and automatic start function for users to ensure the safety of system operation
More economical than other forms of oxygen supply

Product Advantage

PSA process is a simple method of oxygen production, using air as raw material, energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor, with low operating cost, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
Mechanical and electrical integration design to achieve automatic operation
Imported PLC control automatic operation. Oxygen flow pressure purity adjustable and continuous display, can set pressure, flow, purity alarm and achieve remote automatic control and measurement, to achieve truly unmanned operation. The advanced control system makes the operation more simple, can realize unattended and remote control, and can carry out real-time monitoring of various working conditions, so as to ensure gas purity, flow stability.

High-quality components are the guarantee of stable and reliable operation
Pneumatic valves, electromagnetic pilot valves and other key components using imported configuration, reliable operation, fast switching speed, service life of more than a million times, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, low maintenance costs.
Oxygen content continuous display, over limit automatic alarm system
Monitor oxygen purity online to ensure the required oxygen purity is stable.
Advanced loading technology ensures the service life of the equipment

Zeolite molecular sieve is filled with "snowstorm" method, so that the molecular sieve is evenly distributed without dead Angle, and not easy to powder; The adsorption tower adopts multi-stage air distribution device and balance mode automatic compression device. And the zeolite molecular sieve adsorption performance to maintain a tight state, so as to ensure that the adsorption process does not produce fluidization phenomenon, effectively prolong the service life of zeolite molecular sieve.
Unqualified oxygen automatic emptying system
The low purity oxygen at the initial stage of the machine is automatically emptied, and the air is vented after reaching the target.
Ideal purity selection range

The oxygen purity can be adjusted from 21% to 93±2% according to the needs of users.
System unique cycle switching process
Reduces valve wear, prolongs equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.
Free debugging, lifelong maintenance
Strong technical strength and quality after-sales service, provide continuous technical support, users use without worries.

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