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5NM3/h 99.999 nitrogne generator for industrial use

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u Nitrogen production system produces 3Nm cubed /h nitrogen with a purity of 99.9%. This project includes design, production and debugging.

1、Design process parameters:
A、Design nitrogen index :
Nitrogen production:      5Nm3/h
Purity of nitrogen:      ≥99.999%(vol)
Nitrogen contains dust particles:  <0.0001ppm
Atmospheric dew point:     ≤-40℃
The nitrogen pressure:     ≤0.1-0.65MPa(G)(Adjustable)

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Nitrogen machine manufacturing execution standard

1. Air Division Nitrogen System of the Ministry of Electronics Industry: JB6427/92 Standard
2.Electrical control wiring, installation: GB5226-96 implementation Paint is executed according to JB2536-80

Pressure Swing Adsorption. PSA for short, is a new gas adsorption separation technology, it has the following advantages: ⑴ product purity is high. Generally can work at room temperature and low pressure, bed regeneration without heating, energy saving economy. ⑶ The equipment is simple, easy to operate and maintain. Continuous cycle operation can be fully automated. Therefore, when this new technology comes out, it is concerned by the industry of various countries, competing to develop and research, rapid development, and increasingly mature.

(History of psa nitrogen production)
In 1960, Skarstrom proposed PSA patent. He used 5A zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent and used a two-bed PSA device to separate oxygen rich from air. The process was improved and put into industrial production in the 1960s. In the 1980s, the industrial application of psa technology made breakthrough progress, mainly applied in oxygen and nitrogen separation, air drying and purification, hydrogen purification and so on. Among them, the technological progress of oxygen and nitrogen separation is the combination of new adsorbent carbon molecular sieve and pressure swing adsorption to separate O2 and N2 in the air, so as to obtain nitrogen.

With the improvement of the performance and quality of molecular sieve, as well as the continuous improvement of pressure swing adsorption process, the purity and recovery rate of products continue to improve, which makes pressure swing adsorption in the realization of economic base and industrialization.

Since the introduction of PSA technology from Dalian Chemical Research Institute, Hangzhou Boxiang Gas Company has been committed to the research, innovation and development of PSA technology, and the first to make the technology industrialization in China. Hangzhou Boxiang company in many years of equipment

In the process of production and marketing, more than 1000 sets of equipment have been put into industrial operation in various industries in China.

The nitrogen from the nitrogen making device enters the cg-6 nitrogen buffer tank and is filtered by the bxf-16 dust filter to obtain a clean nitrogen with a purity of 98% and a yield of 900Nm3/h. The output pressure is ≥ 0.5mpa (adjustable), the atmospheric dew point is ≤-40℃, the oil content is ≤0.001 PPM, and the dust content is ≤0.01μm. Finally, the finished nitrogen enters the nitrogen storage tank (configured according to user requirements) and is transported to the user's gas point.

Description of automatic control characteristics of PSA nitrogen making machine

A. Nitrogen making device adopts PLC S7-200 (programmable logic controller) from SIEMENS, Germany. The unit has good controllable performance and can display various operating parameters, status and fault signals of the equipment.

B. Nitrogen purity is detected online in real time. When the nitrogen purity produced by the nitrogen making device is lower than the set parameter (the nitrogen purity index required by the customer), the system will alarm and empty automatically. After the equipment is started, the solenoid valve will automatically open the nitrogen vent valve and close the nitrogen outlet valve after receiving the control signal from the nitrogen analyzer. The unqualified nitrogen will automatically vent. When the nitrogen purity reaches the target, the exhaust valve is automatically closed and the nitrogen outlet valve is opened to output qualified nitrogen. In the whole process of use, no manual operation.

Type C, BXN nitrogen making device and purification device is equipped with automatic emptying system, on the nitrogen analyzer can set good nitrogen purity allows lower limit, when the nitrogen purity is lower than the set value is lower limit system sound and light alarm, and automatically open the exhaust valve let unqualified nitrogen blow-down, when return to normal purity, emptying valve automatically shut down, nitrogen gas through normal outlet pipe output.

D, pneumatic valve with valve switch guide rod, intuitive, is the guarantee of reliable operation of nitrogen production equipment.

E, the coconut mat cylinder automatic compression technology, in order to guarantee the long-term and stable operation of the nitrogen gas equipment, set up the cylinder pressure device in the system, and at the same time in the compression system set up two point at alarm device, the first point at monitoring alarm adjustable hydroxyls trip, the second hydroxyls alarm is the consumption of standby carbon molecular sieve.

F, nitrogen making device adopts Siemens PLC S7-200 control system and touch screen integrated control system, with equipment monitoring, management, correction, output, fault alarm, remote start and stop and other functions, with multi-screen display function.

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