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Portuguese customer payed a return visit

One Portuguese customer who bought the oxygen generator payed a return visitand made technical exchanges about the oxygen generator. We were Communicated with the technical team about the PSA oxygen generator technology, and purchased the box-type oxygen generator:30NM3/h oxygen generator. The sales department led the company's VIP customers to visit longmen Ancient Town.

BoXiang Oxygen Equipment Function Characteristics Brief Introduction

(1)Technical characteristics of BX0 system oxygen generator

◆ Characteristics of the equipment

◎ easy installation

The equipment structure is compact, the whole skid installation, covers an area of small, no infrastructure construction, less investment.

◎ Efficient production

Convenient start and stop, quick start, fast gas production.

◎ Energy saving and environmental protection

Exquisite appearance, low noise, no pollution, strong seismic performance.

◎ High quality components run stably and reliably

The process is simple, mature products, adsorption separation is carried out at room temperature;

Pneumatic valves, solenoid pilot valves and other key parts are imported original components, by Siemens PLC PLC to complete the timing control, reduce the valve wear, prolong the service life of equipment.

The service life is more than one million times, reliable operation, fast switching speed, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, low cost.◎ More economical than other forms of oxygen supply

The current oxygen supply methods on the market are mainly liquid oxygen, bottled oxygen, on-site oxygen production (PSA oxygen production) integrated three oxygen supply methods, with air as raw material, small energy consumption, low operating cost: only air compressor and cold and dry machine power consumption electricity;

Although the one-time investment is large, the operation cost is lower and the same gas consumption can be saved every year to recover all the equipment investment within one and a half years.


Post time: 17-09-21