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Moroccan Customer Visited The Factory

Moroccan customers visited the factory and made technical exchanges about the nitrogen generator.

We talked about the PSA nitrogen system process demonstration.

The nitrogen system is mainly composed of an air compression system, an air purification system, a PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, and a nitrogen intelligent venting system. Firstly, the air is compressed by the air compression system. The compressed air is subjected to the cyclone separation, pre-filtration and precision filtration three-stage purification as a whole through the BXG series high-efficiency degreaser. The oil and water in the compressed air are directly blocked and cyclone separated, the gravity is settled,coarse filtration, fine filter core layer filtration, so that the residual oil amount is controlled at 0.01PPm.

The compressed air filtered by the degreaser is sent to the BXL-series refrigerating dryer for further water removal. According to the principle of freezing and dehumidification,the refrigerating dryer exchanges hot and humid compressed air through an evaporator to condense the gaseous moisture of the compressed air into liquid water,。and discharges it through the gas-liquid separator. The outlet compressed air dew point reaches -23 °C.

The dry compressed air is further filtered by a precision filter. The compressed air passes through the cylindrical filter element from the outside to the inside. Through the combined action of direct interception, inertial collision, gravity sedimentation and other filtration mechanisms,the tiny mist-like particles are further captured to realize the separation of gas and liquid, dust particles and droplets.

The droplets, dust particles, etc. are discharged from the automatic drain outlet. Air filtration accuracy can reach 0.01 microns. Residual oil content is less than 0.01PPm.

The dried compressed air is finally filtered through an activated carbon filter and then introduced into an air buffer tank. The amount of residual air in the compressed air is ≤ 0.001 ppm.


Post time: 17-09-21